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I FEEL YOUR PAIN! I lived for years Missouri, right in the heart of Chiggerland. When it comes to knowing how you are suffering from chigger bites, I know exactly what you are feeling. I know what it is like to scratch until you bleed, then scratch some more. I know what it means to sit up all night scratching and then falling asleep from exhaustion. I could no longer stay awake to scratch.

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under the kitchen sink and in the garage and the tool shed to find relief. I tried anything and everything to make the maddening itch go away. I’ll bet you have also.

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Then one night of of scratching I could take it no more. Something had to be done. I was about to try the gasoline and ice pick approach but thankfully before that happened I discovered this miracle treatment. It stopped the itching within minutes, and it stopped it permanently.  And no, it is not found under the kitchen sink. Not only will this Report reveal how to stop your itching it will also reveal how to avoid getting bit and how to rid your house and yard of chiggers. ONLY $9.97

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To Whom It May Concern:As an herbalist, when I first learned about this cure for chigger bites I was convinced that surely the addition of some common herbs would improve the performance. So I experimented until I was hit with a rash of chigger bits.That was when I used it as directed and walla.To my utter amazement it worked perfectly.Only on rare occasions was it necessary to treat such bits a second time.The process was far more simple than my own experiments.Now during chigger season I keep the remedy readily available and at the first sign of bites I apply it and then forget the problem because there was nothing to remind me that I had been bitten.
Ray Hall Stockton, Missouri

Chances are you already have the ingredients right in your own home. The remaining items can be quickly obtained from your local drug store or Wal-Mart. This chigger treatment is the only treatment beneficial to your health.

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What did folks do before they could run to the neighborhood drugstore for remedies for their aches and pains? Somewhere along the way, a wealth of knowledge regarding natural healing and treatments has been lost & replaced by a multitude of worthless commercial products.

I am allergic to chiggers. It’s something that I have had to deal with several times over the last five years, so I can tell you first hand that most of the commercial remedies do not work. My most recent experience led me last week, itching in the early morn, to Chigger-Treatment.com. I instantly downloaded a 19 page e-booklet entitled The Ultimate Chigger Bite Formula, How To Get Rid of Chigger Bites.

I raced to the final chapter and then to the grocery store for the two simple, inexpensive ingredients. The Ultimate Chigger Bite Relief Formula actually works. Relief, at last.

vann Duplantier – Missouri

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